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We’ve pushed the boundaries of traditional learning with an innovative learning experience designed to support university and corporate administrators in their goals to help learners gain the highest quality financial education anywhere. With key insights gained from the research-driven field of learning science, we’ve created an optimized user experience that supports a spectrum of adult learners.

Serving the Lifelong Needs of Financial Services Professionals

With CeriFi, your team benefits from a unified learning eco-system designed to better serve the needs of adults in the finance education sector. Our forward-thinking approach is to provide easy to navigate learning solutions, with depth and breadth of content, and a wealth of media resources to most effectively meet the needs of diverse learning styles.

For adult learners on your team who wish to take their careers to the next level, CeriFi brings their goals within reach. Our learning technology platform offers:



Smart Content Delivery Designed for All Learning Styles

  • Thoughtfully spaced learning experiences provide ample time for internalizing and contextualizing new information and produce positive lifelong learning outcomes.
  • Content broken down into digestible sections help with self-directed learning and long-term retention.
  • Media integration throughout the courses is presented in context.
  • Rich, robust content that provides a deeper understanding of the learning concepts and helps with test preparedness.


Learning Management System Resources

Friction-Free Learning Experience from Start to Finish

  • Automatically populated course calendar eliminates decision fatigue and provides a recommendation of study to help learners easily know what they need to complete.
  • Comprehensive media resources include audio, video, and lesson summaries that can be revisited any time for high-level content review.
  • A platform designed to help learners move seamlessly through each course.
  • On-demand reviews can be requested virtually or with a live instructor.
  • User-friendly dashboard that empowers the learner to control their overall learning experience with more meaningful and targeted practice.


Helping Corporations and Universities Elevate Teams

If you are ready to help your teams improve their skills and gain necessary financial certifications, our innovative approach to educational content delivery are unmatched. With our intuitive, flexible platform you can easily follow your team’s progress, organize calendars, assign tasks, and more.

For corporate or university administrators, CeriFi provides one easily navigable dashboard and a comprehensive suite of content and media resources to help your learners succeed, including:

  • A dynamic calendar that provides structured, daily, consistent practice recommendations in an easy-to-use monthly view.
  • A dashboard that highlights critical data points and provides a drill-down to topic level performance data.
  • Actionable data that administrators can utilize in real time to meet a learner’s needs immediately.

When you choose CeriFi as your higher education partner, you and your learners will gain access to hundreds of thousands of content assets – including unique questions, helpful videos, chapters of content, audio clips and more.

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Helping Instructors Facilitate Effective Learning

Unlike your typical Learning Management System, CeriFi supports the learner in the best most innovative way AND the same for administrators and instructors. Our goal is to make it easier for them to facilitate effective learning.

Seeing progress and trends provides the instructor the necessary information to make smarter data-driven decisions that ultimately empower the learner to control the overall learning experience with more meaningful and targeted practice.

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