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Formed in 2017, CeriFi is a diversified education, training, and certification provider serving professionals across the financial services market. We have strategically acquired established financial education brands that are leaders in their space, those which carry the same caliber of learning standards, service excellence, and share in a culture of putting the learner first.

Each of our brands embodies the drive, dedication, and ambition to stay ahead of the curve in technology and innovation, to put diversity and inclusion at the forefront, and to implement best practices from a holistic point of view. Every touchpoint of the experience is intuitive and guides the learner on a path towards their achievement goals.

We know that not every career journey is a straight road. That’s why we bridge multiple career education paths so that each brand and product is accessible to everyone and designed to positively impact people’s careers at every turn.

Our Mission

To build an inclusive community of financial professionals, connected by their desire to empower their careers through world-class financial services education and preparation.

What Our Future Holds

CeriFi will become the recognized industry leader in financial services education and designations.

CeriFi will invite an inclusive and diverse community of learners to trust CeriFi with the education that drives their careers forward. Our outreach will reflect a modern, connected approach to learning and professional development and our associations will provide distinctive value to our members by providing respected designation and certifications.

CeriFi will have a world-class product built on the highest quality and most current content assets, delivered on purpose-built, proprietary learning technology with the learner at the center of design and supported by a rich set of tools to administer programs at the corporate or university level.

CeriFi will deliver superior customer service with a relentless focus on learner and partner success. Our decisions will be grounded in a customer first mentality that will guide our development of improvements and solutions.


Founded in 2017, CeriFi began with the belief that a stand-alone educational product or designation was simply too limiting to learners seeking career advancement. Our goal from the very beginning was to create an unmatched level of verticals and financial career paths so that students could continue to enhance their knowledge and offer more to future employers.

To accomplish this, we’ve made deliberate decisions in higher-quality brand acquisitions. To date, CeriFi has acquired nine highly complementary companies, including Dalton Education, Money Education, Keir Financial Education, Pass Perfect, the CFP® exam prep assets of LoneStar Financial Education, the Association of Certified Financial Crime Specialists, Bionic Turtle, CPMI, and Fast Forward Academy. Every choice we have made—and will continue to make—keeps us true to our mission. CeriFi is here to support all students through the lifetime of their careers.


Dalton Education

A leading provider of education solutions for financial services professionals, Dalton Education has the highest CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ exam pass rates and has trained over half of all CFP® professionals in the country. Through partnerships with elite universities, Dalton delivers customizable programs for individual learning styles, with options including the industry’s only 100% money-back Guarantee to Pass™ and course completion in as little as 9 months. Read More 


Money Education™

Founded in 2004, Money Education publishes academic textbooks and reference books for the financial industry, including Fundamentals of Financial Planning, Insurance Planning, and Income Tax Planning. The current portfolio focuses on upper-level university students and business professionals pursuing a comprehensive curriculum in financial planning or needing a comprehensive financial reference. Read More


Keir Educational Resources

Since its founding in 1968, Keir provided training solutions for financial services professionals seeking to prepare for financial and insurance certification exams. Keir’s products prepare financial services professionals for the CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™, Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA), and several property and casualty examinations. Read More


Pass Perfect

Founded in 1967 as Wall Street Training and incorporated as Pass Perfect in 1989, no other securities exam preparation is backed by the experience and resources of Pass Perfect. With nearly 50 years of experience, Pass Perfect provides the most current FINRA licensing exam training including easily digestible content with proven study methods and ever-evolving prep tools for the modern securities exam student. We have successfully prepared over 1 million securities professionals and are the only company of its kind to offer a 100% money-back Pass Promise. Read More


Lone Star Financial Education

Lone Star Financial Education was founded in 2015, a leading Texas-based provider of exam preparation products for the CFP® exam prep market. Lone Star built an impressive library of CFP® exam preparation content, including a rich database of CFP® exam practice questions, study guides, and case studies. Read More



Founded in 2013, ACFCS provides online and live training guided by top worldwide experts on the latest industry developments in preparation for the CFCS certification exams. The CFCS certification affirms the competence of public- and private-sector financial crime specialists who work in such areas as fraud, money laundering, corruption, and global asset recovery.

Join ACFCS - a relentless crime-fighting community that supports your career and boosts your financial crime competence with the only certification that validates skills across all financial crime risks.



CPMI makes preparing for and passing exams for the Life and Health Insurance and Property and Casualty Insurance Licenses easy and convenient. Founded in 1998, CPMI helps insurance agents and agent candidates pass property, casualty, life, and health insurance licensure exams and meet state continuing education requirements across the U.S. We partner with several national insurance companies, colleges, and universities to offer a full suite of e-learning textbooks, videos, and test simulations. Read More


Bionic Turtle

Bionic Turtle, founded in 2004, provides the best Financial Risk Management (FRM) certification exam prep courses and study materials. As a GARP-approved FRM prep provider, we help global candidates pass the exam with our superior, affordable content. Bionic Turtle's instructional materials include structured study planners, question sets, notes, videos, interactive quizzes, learning spreadsheets, and an active online community forum. Read More


Fast Forward Academy

Founded in 2010, Fast Forward Academy helps candidates pass the Enrolled Agent ("EA") and Certified Public Accountant ("CPA") exams as well as assists tax and accounting professionals meet federal and state continuing education (CE) requirements. Quality review materials and CE courses, expert instruction, personalized learning experiences, and unparalleled support. Fast Forward Academy provides all this and guarantees too. Read More



Since 1974, Spidell Publishing, Inc., has been a critical source of federal and state tax information for tax professionals. We help tax professionals meet continuing education requirements and stay informed on the latest developments in both federal and state tax law. Whether our seminars, webinars, self-study, publications or research, Spidell has built its reputation on a thorough and practical approach to solving tax problems. Read More


Mark Meldrum

Since it's founding in 2017, has helped candidates around the world prepare to take and pass levels I, II, and III of the Chartered Financial Analyst® exam. We provide premier CFA® exam prep materials, including eLearning courses with lecture videos, question banks, study planners and mock exams. A true leader in the industry provides the resources students and professionals need to ensure success in the financial services industry. Read More

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